Anyone running a business today knows that finding good employees is perhaps the most important and at the same time often the most difficult aspect of your responsibilities. We learned this during our early years of starting our business. Even though our company was one of the largest and most successful, finding good people was a constant problem, costing excessive money and time.

That’s why we started a personnel service and career development. We work with companies of all sizes, from rural to metro. We have many loyal clients and an impeccable list of references. You will never see us advertise for candidates. By advertising you get the three “uns”; the unemployed, the unhappy, and the unstable.

Our newly created team of Industry Experts follow our long business tradition of career development and personnel recruiting. With practical experience a common trait, we have the expertise and know how to recruit only the best candidates.

We look forward to helping you, just like we have your fellow dealers all around the country. Please call us on our toll-free telephone line 888-363-1707 or email us at

While based in California but our searches are conducted effectively in all 50 states.

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